Cremation Lily - ‘Four Notes” 2xC20

£15.00 GBP
Cremation Lily - ‘Four Notes” 2xC20

dream industrial
funerary drones
heavy misery
wilted flower electronics

look, i have no idea how to describe what i do, i just keep going because otherwise i'd go insane. lyrics ruminating on the constant downward spiral, with moments of beauty & clarity tearing through. hints at slowcore, shoegaze, funeral doom & power electronics become apparent, but it's all fully drowned - gazing up at light just above the surface.

a continuation of & expansion on the work heard on the limited releases "if you die.. i'll kill you" & "a man, loved & feared" while still sounding completely unique - as lily always does.

double tape with colour artwork & insert.

includes download code

edition of 75